24 Nov Navigating New Zealand’s Immigration Landscape: The National and NZ First Perspectives

In the ever-evolving political landscape of New Zealand, immigration remains a topic of significant debate and speculation, particularly with Erica Stanford as Minister of Immigration and Casey Costello as Associate Minister of Immigration. This article explores their potential impacts on immigration policy, emphasising that these...

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23 Nov Navigating Through Challenges: Visa Processing Delays and Migrant Exploitation in New Zealand

Understanding the Situation Recent investigations have unveiled a worrying trend of migrant exploitation in New Zealand. Nearly 100 employers lost accreditation due to abusing the Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme. This has triggered a series of investigations by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), with numerous cases involving...

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01 Nov Understanding Section 161 of the Immigration Act Through Katniss’ Dilemma in New Zealand

Understanding Section 161 of the Immigration Act Through Katniss' Dilemma in New Zealand   IntroductionNew Zealand's Immigration Act 2009 outlines various scenarios under which a residence-class visa holder may become liable for deportation. One such scenario involves criminal convictions. Today, we examine the hypothetical case of Katniss,...

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