Deportation Matters

At MK Law, we specialise in providing expert legal assistance to individuals facing deportation from New Zealand. Our approach is tailored to address the complex legal frameworks and humanitarian considerations unique to each case.

Grounds for Deportation Liabilitydeportation

Deportation liabilities often arise due to various circumstances, including administrative errors, character issues, and the provision of false or misleading information in visa applications. Understanding the specific ground on which your deportation liability has arisen is crucial in formulating an effective appeal strategy.

Navigating the Legal Framework

  1. Administrative Errors and Misunderstandings: Cases of deportation arising from administrative errors or misunderstandings highlight the need for meticulous attention to detail in immigration matters. Our legal team is adept at identifying and rectifying such errors, advocating for our clients’ rights.

  2. Character Concerns and Past Convictions: Deportation liabilities due to character concerns or past convictions require a nuanced approach. We assist in presenting compelling arguments for character waivers, focusing on rehabilitation, community ties, and mitigating circumstances.

  3. Concealment of Relevant Information: In instances where deportation is based on the concealment of critical information, we guide clients through the process of demonstrating remorse, the context behind such actions, and the potential impact of deportation on family life.

deportation matterAppealing on Humanitarian Grounds

Our approach to humanitarian appeals is grounded in the principles of the Immigration Act 2009 and international human rights norms. We carefully assess whether exceptional humanitarian circumstances exist, such as the impact of deportation on family members, especially those with health concerns or other vulnerabilities.

Balancing Humanitarian Concerns with Public Interest

The key to a successful appeal often lies in balancing humanitarian considerations with the public interest. At MK Law, we are skilled in articulating why allowing our clients to remain in New Zealand is not contrary to the public interest, taking into account their integration into the community, family ties, and other relevant factors.

Your Partner in Challenging Times

Facing deportation can be a daunting experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. At MK Law, we provide compassionate, comprehensive legal support to help you navigate this challenging process.

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