Partnership Category

At MK Law, we specialise in guiding clients through the intricate process of partnership-based residence applications in New Zealand. Our expertise is grounded in understanding the critical aspects that influence the success of these applications.

family1. Proving the Stability and Genuineness of Your Relationship

A central aspect of partnership-based residence applications is demonstrating the genuineness and stability of your relationship. Our team provides expert assistance in compiling and presenting evidence that effectively communicates the authenticity of your partnership to Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

2. Managing Challenges During Periods of Separation

We understand that life circumstances can lead to periods of separation between partners. Our approach is to help you articulate these separations convincingly, ensuring that the continuity and strength of your relationship are clearly demonstrated to INZ.

3. Addressing Character and Past Convictions

Character assessments form a crucial part of the residence application process. Our legal expertise extends to advising clients on navigating character issues or past convictions, including preparing character waivers and presenting mitigating circumstances.

Partnership4. Ensuring Credibility and Consistency in Your Application

The consistency and credibility of the evidence you provide are vital. We focus on ensuring that all aspects of your application are coherent and robust, enhancing the credibility of your relationship status claim.

5. Cultural and Religious Context in Relationships

We recognize the significant role that cultural and religious beliefs can play in relationships. Our team is skilled in contextualizing your partnership within these frameworks, ensuring that cultural nuances are appropriately represented in your application.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Your Immigration Journey

At MK Law, we are dedicated to offering personalized legal assistance to navigate the complexities of partnership-based residence applications. Our experienced immigration lawyers are committed to providing strategic guidance tailored to your unique situation.

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