Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI)

The landscape of New Zealand immigration is complex, particularly with recent changes regarding Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) and handling false, misleading, or withheld information. At MK Law, we offer comprehensive guidance, ensuring your visa application aligns with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) standards and recent procedural updates.

Demystifying Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI)

Understanding PPI is crucial for a successful visa application. Our services include an in-depth analysis of your application, identifying any PPI that could impact your case. We provide tailored advice for applicants both inside and outside New Zealand, including specialised guidance for residence-class visa applications where PPI criteria remain consistent.

Advocating Fairness in Your Application

We are committed to ensuring your application process adheres to the principles of fairness and natural justice. Should you receive a PPI letter from INZ, our team is ready to help you interpret, respond, and effectively address any concerns. We ensure your responses meet INZ’s standards and deadlines, including assistance with requesting extensions when necessary.

Navigating Recent Changes with Expertise

Stay informed and prepared with our insights into the procedural changes effective from 25 September 2023. We guide you through understanding how INZ’s new approach to false or misleading information impacts your application. Our services focus on ensuring your application meets the new criteria and addresses the lack of need for intent proof under the revised regulations.

Personalised Legal Strategies for Your Scenario

Each visa application scenario requires a unique approach. Our team provides bespoke legal advice whether you’re dealing with a current application, a past application, or an associated EOI. We ensure you’re well-prepared for each legal mechanism INZ might apply to your case.

Character Resolution through the Two-Stage Decision-Making Process

INZ’s decision-making now involves a two-stage process:potentially prejudicial information

Stage 1 – Initial Assessment for Current Applications: We help you understand and navigate this crucial stage, where INZ assesses the applicability of certain provisions. This involves determining if your application contains false, misleading, or withheld information and if it meets the significant concern threshold. Our role is to ensure your application is accurately presented, minimizing the risk of early decline.

Stage 2 – Detailed Evaluation for Subsequent Applications: If your initial application faces challenges, our expertise becomes vital in the second stage. Here, INZ conducts a more detailed evaluation, considering the applicant’s broader circumstances and intentions. We provide strategic support in presenting your case, addressing any concerns raised in the first stage, and preparing a robust response to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Your Trusted NZ Immigration Lawyer

At MK Law, you may rest assured that navigating the complexities of PPI becomes a guided and confident journey. Our personalised approach ensures your application is handled meticulously, aligning with the latest INZ regulations. Partner with us for a seamless and successful New Zealand immigration experience.