IPT Appeals

Navigating the Complexities of IPT Appeals

Facing a setback with a decision from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) can be a challenging experience. Our specialised services in IPT Appeals are designed to guide you through this intricate process with expertise and care. Each case we handle is unique, but our commitment to your cause remains unwavering.

IPT AppealsWe’ve successfully tackled a range of cases where INZ declined applications for reasons such as administrative errors, character concerns, and misinterpretation of policies. For instance, we argued against a decision where a residency application was declined due to minor historical legal issues, emphasising the applicant’s positive transformation and current standing in New Zealand.

In cases involving family separations due to visa issues, we’ve focused on the emotional and psychological impacts, supporting our arguments with psychological evaluations and legal precedents. We’ve also addressed situations where INZ’s decisions stemmed from misinterpretations of their policies, using meticulous analysis to ensure fair treatment for our clients.

“Our approach begins with understanding the specific reasons behind INZ’s decision in your case. We tailor our strategy to your unique situation, whether it involves presenting additional evidence, addressing specific concerns, or challenging legal interpretations.”

Choosing us for your IPT appeal means partnering with a team that not only understands the legalities but also appreciates the emotional weight of these issues. We pride ourselves on a track record of success, turning challenging decisions around and prioritising your well-being throughout the process.

An IPT appeal can be your pathway to a favourable outcome. With our expertise, you gain more than legal representation; you gain a dedicated partner in your journey. Reach out to us today to begin the process of overturning INZ’s decision, and take a step towards a successful resolution.