Humanitarian Appeal against Deportation Following Visa Decline

Our firm recently achieved a significant victory in a complex immigration case that underscores our expertise and commitment to our clients. In a remarkable decision, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal granted residence to our client, despite the case not being an appeal against a resident visa decision. This outcome was a testament to our ability to navigate through intricate and emotionally charged legal scenarios.

The Challenge: Navigating Personal Turmoil and Legal Hurdles

Our client, a devoted mother and a professional, faced an incredibly challenging situation. Following the breakdown of her marriage due to her ex-husband finding a new partner, she found herself in a precarious legal position. This personal turmoil led to a predicament where she was unable to obtain residence independently, jeopardising not only her own future but also that of her children, who were deeply rooted in New Zealand.

Our Approach: Advocating Beyond Legal Boundaries

Recognising the unique challenges of this case, we approached it with a blend of legal acumen and deep empathy in our detailed submissions for the IPT Appeal. We highlighted the undue hardship and emotional impact that deportation would have on our client and her children. Our submissions detailed her strong connections to the community, her professional contributions, and the stability she provided to her children in their home country.

Tribunal’s Decision: Acknowledging Extraordinary Circumstances

The Tribunal’s ruling in this case was groundbreaking. Despite the appeal not being against a resident visa decision, the Tribunal acknowledged the extraordinary circumstances our client faced. They recognised the impact of the family breakup and the challenges she encountered in trying to secure residence independently.

In their decision, the Tribunal emphasised the importance of considering the well-being of the children and the family’s strong ties to New Zealand. They concluded that it was in the best interests of justice and fairness to grant our client residence, allowing her and her children to continue their lives in New Zealand without the threat of separation and upheaval.

This case exemplifies our dedication to fighting for the rights of those facing complex immigration challenges. We understand that behind every legal issue lies a human story, often filled with emotional and personal difficulties. If you are facing immigration challenges, know that you have a team ready to provide not just legal expertise but also compassionate support, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your family.