Judicial Review

Facing immigration challenges in New Zealand? MK Law, home to Auckland’s leading immigration lawyers, specializes in navigating the complexities of immigration law. Our expertise as the best immigration attorneys empowers individuals and families facing tough immigration decisions. Discover how Judicial Review can be your key to a successful resolution.

Judicial Review: A Powerful Tool in Immigration LawJudicial Review

Judicial Review serves as a critical mechanism to challenge and overturn unjust decisions by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Our team of dedicated immigration visa lawyers leverages this process to ensure your rights are protected and justice prevails.

Comprehensive Grounds for Judicial Review:

  1. Error of Law: Instances where INZ may have misinterpreted or misapplied immigration laws or policies. Our immigration lawyers meticulously examine your case to identify legal errors, ensuring that the law is correctly and fairly applied.
  2. Procedural Fairness: This ground covers situations where there might have been a failure in the administrative process, such as inadequate consideration of evidence or failure to provide a fair hearing. Our team advocates for your right to a fair and transparent process.
  3. Unreasonableness (Wednesbury Unreasonableness): We challenge decisions that may seem irrational or unreasonable, especially where INZ’s conclusions are not supported by evidence or are based on flawed reasoning.
  4. Legitimate Expectation: This ground is invoked when a decision contradicts a previous promise, practice, or policy of INZ. Our attorneys argue for consistency and fairness in applying immigration policies and practices.
  5. Failure to Take into Account Relevant Considerations: We ensure that all important aspects of your case, including humanitarian and personal factors, are properly considered by INZ in their decision-making process.

MK Law: Your Partner in Immigration SuccessJudicial review

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  • Commitment to Success: We are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for you and your family.

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