Immigration and Employment Law Firm Helping Migrants Settle in New Zealand

MK Law™ is an immigration law and employment specialist firm that helps migrant workers and their families become settle and succeed in New Zealand. New Zealand immigration law is designed to maximise the socio-eoconomic benefits to the country. For this reason, most pathways to New Zealand Immigration rely on the employment-based system.  Such system is subject to constant changes and updates and we often find migrants left helpless to comply with their visa requirements. Founded in 2015, MK Law has already helped thousands of migrants achieve their immigration goals.

Why Us?

We believe what sets us apart from other practitioners is our ability to advise our clients on their immigration and employment matters together. For example, our expertise in the employment law enable us to promote our migrant clients’ entitlements in the employment law context on the one hand, whilst dealing with any immigration issues during the visa processes on the other.

This way, we can protect your legal interests strategically. As former immigration officers of INZ, we know how your case will be perceived in the eyes of an immigration officer. In turn, we know how to effectively advocate your case to bring you the best possible outcome. Our hard-earned reputation for integrity amongst the immigration officials is an added benefit we can offer to your significant advantage.

How MK Law can help you

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