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MK Law™ is a specialist law firm founded upon the sole dedication to helping migrants in New Zealand settle as new Kiwis. As in any country, New Zealand immigration law is designed to maximise the national advantage, and we often find migrants left helpless during the daunting process settling in a New Zealand mainstream community. Since founded in 2015, we have already helped hundreds of migrants achieve their immigration goals.

 Why Us?

We believe what sets us apart from other immigration practitioners is our passion for helping migrants in need of legal help. We approach every case differently and endeavor to see things through the eyes of the adversary, such as immigration officials or the opposing counsels in court.  In the immigration law context, we know how Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will pereceive your case, thanks to our experiences, working as immigration officers at INZ. The invaluable insight gained from this unique experience helps us effectively advocate your case so that we bring you the best possible outcome. Over time, we have built reputation of trust from the INZ officials. Our hard-earned reputation for integrity will certainly be an added benefit we can offer to your significant advantage.

Call us and discuss your situations in confidence. We offer free 15-minute assessment of your case over the phone.

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    Charles H
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    I had a long and rough time with my student visa. I almost decided to give up and go back to my country. It was the MK Law team who rescued me from my complicated visa problem. Michael Kim and Sharing Li are the exact person you need, when confronting serious visa problems in NZ.
    Leo V
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    Almost 2 years ago we presented MK Law with a difficult partnership visa case , I was not eligible to sponsor my partner, MK law team always kept us real with both negative and positive outcome, we were the lucky ones to have had Michael on our side and through their hard work and us providing all the evidence and documentation required we managed to have my partner’s visa granted .
    Maria L
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    Michael is God sent to my family. He was God’s instrument to show that in Him nothing is impossible. My family’s immigration case was so complicated. I thought that we will be separated once again. My family and I hired a lawyer before Michael and it was a struggle. Then I did my research and found MK Law just when I thought I lost all hope. Michael made me understand the very complex case of my family. He gave us HOPE but did not give us false promises. Michael was always one call away which was very reassuring.He made us feel that he was always with us in this battle/ journey.
    Manali P
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    If Google allows me to give more than 5 stars I would. They have helped me with almost all my visas for the past 3 years. Right from applying the essential skilled visa to getting my permanent residency. They are very prompt and always ready to answer any queries you have. Michael and Sharing are both talented and extremely helpful which makes them a great team at MK Law. I would highly recommend them
    JP C
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    Michael and his team are arguably the most hardworking, dedicated immigration specialists in Auckland. True to their craft. I have seen their work ethic in person and I can tell you that no small detail goes unnoticed by them. They pour their heart out in ensuring only quality submissions go out. And they go out of their way to ask important questions that make an impact on every case they handle.
    Ken C
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    We had a rough time with our visa applications, and were in need of knowledgeable assistance. Michael Kim, of MKLaw was exactly who we needed, and working with him and Sharing (his assistant, who was as professional and talented as any lawyer I've ever worked with) was a pleasure. Michael's having previously worked as a case officer at INZ was invaluable, and a primary reason for hiring him. And he definitely did not disappoint. It was as if we had our own personal INZ official of whom we could ask questions, and practice interactions, which never would have happened if we hadn't hired someone with his experience.
    Kalvin H T
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    Got to know MK law firm from a friend of mine who had a complicated case with her work visa application last year but finally got her visa through MK. This year, it’s my turn to experience Michael, Cheri and Sharing’s magic! 🙂 MK team has been so professional, kind, helpful, supportive in assisting me with my ESWV application especially when INZ announced the new addendum on 19 July 2021.
    Onoapor J
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    In the process of gathering all the necessary documents, comes September 4th i had gotten an information from home that my Father has passed away, due to covid-19 border closure i couldn't travel in keeping to our cultural sensitivity in observing libations prayers for my Father, i have a run up with the police, I was issued a deportation liability notice after the first long battle in court,all this process were handle by MKLAW with their proactive nature to always see their clients smile and get the best they work with me all through encouraging me with quick response
    Miley Z
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    My partner was waiting for his work visa for a very long time, but the CO is not giving us any updates nor reponding to us. Thanks to MK LAW to act for us, so that we can finally get my partner's visa sorted less than 3 weeks before his fight departures. My administrator Sharing is very prefessional, and she always replys us quickly. Thank you so much MK LAW!!
    Shweta G
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    I had issues with my Work Visa and that's when I met Michael. He was very helpful in solving my issue quickly. Further, I referred many of my friends to Michael. Few of my friends had extremely difficult cases that was unimaginable to be sorted. But with help of Michael and his immense expertise in Immigration law, all my friends visa issues sorted quickly. I am very grateful to Michael for his efficient and personal care for each of his clients. I would like to highly recommend MK Law for any Visa issues.
    Shanshan L
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    Found MK law online and the reason i chose them was because I believe Michael's experience as a former case officer would allow him to have the most professional knowledge and deep understanding about immigration policy. It turned out to be i made a correct choice for sure. My case is really complicated and time consuming. But Michael managed to use his understanding for policy to provide me with the most suitable suggestion and would also remind me what to do and what i should not do.
    Sharon F
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    The challenges we have faced with Immigration New Zealand was stressful and emotionally dreading. The whole team at MK law kept us positive. They thoroughly and professionally represented us from INZ to IPT (Immigration and Protection Tribunal) and back to INZ. Our case has never been easy from the start, their expertise proved to INZ that we deserve this visa. We are certainly very impressed with how our case was put together, the statistics and studies included in our papers and documents are exceptional. We know we would not make it without their help.
    Kinwa T
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    I finally got my permanent resident visa application approved this month. Although my work visa application got declined by INZ before my PR visa application was submitted. Because of this, a lot of work has been done during the PR visa application. MK Law team worked so hard to help me step by step, very patient and very professional.
    SJ K
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    My husband and I were recommended to Michael after our lawyer at the time blundered my husbands visa application. You can tell from MK Law's history of reviews and their website they are busy - we had to wait a few weeks before they could take us on. Seemed like an eternity at the time, and the process itself is long. BUT it was worth the wait!! It was clear from the start that these guys know what they're doing.
    Charan T
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    I had issues applying for my PR It was an extremely complicated case. My friends suggested me few Lawyers, but I had lack of confidence in those lawyers. Finally, one of my friend suggested me MK Law. I went through the website and I read about this law firm and without any doubt I thought of approaching MK Law. The first time itself when I discussed with Michael my case, he provided me with various options and various alternatives around my complex situation. I totally confided in him and followed as per whatever Michael advised. Without any doubt, his expertise in the Legal area and his Know- how about NZ Immigration laws helped me to finally get my PR.
    Danica and Mafi
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    Words alone cannot explain how awsome and wonderful Michael and katherines been to my partner and I. Yet i feel 5 stars is too small to give them for what they do for their clients, we have never come across lawyers who were so understanding, linient and very caring towards us and our little family. My partner and I have been through 2 different lawyers and were unsuccessful with immigration and yet we opted to try again knowing our chances werent that good given we been rejected 3 times and on numerous applications. But just to prove how good MK Law really is, within just a year - all that my little family has been fighting for with immigration for 4 long years has come to an end with an outcome that has come in our favor.
    Nick K
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    I was stuck in a very difficult situation where I was about to lose my family which was the future for me. MK Law Barristers is a law firm but also a place of comfort from your discomfort and sadness. I could recommend people who need Immigration issues to contact them. Me and my family appreciate your help. Keep up the good work.
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    Had some trouble of my case and found MK law as representar, got approved finally! Great Appreciation for Michael and Sharing’s work and help! Highly recommended!
    Graham A
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    MK Law gave very good advice and took care of a charcter waiver quickly and efficiently securing my residency. Michael was very easy to deal with and really knew the system very well, highly recommended.
    Sue Y
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    Last time Michael Kim helped me go through the visa problem and I really appreciate it. There was a bit of delay as he was very busy but he was onto the point and could resolve issues in a very efficient manner.