Personalised Approach to Humanitarian Appeal Success at IPT

At MK Law, we understand that immigration matters extend beyond mere paperwork and regulations—they encapsulate the hopes, dreams, and lives of individuals and families. Our dedication to offering compassionate, comprehensive legal support to those confronting the intricacies of immigration law underscores our practice. We champion a personalised approach, acknowledging the distinctiveness of each case, complete with its own challenges and possibilities.

A Tale of Family Unity and Legal Triumph

Humanitarian AppealOne remarkable story highlights our commitment to these values—a narrative that involves a client who, after over a decade of establishing his life in New Zealand, faced the harrowing possibility of separation from his family due to a declined residence application. This individual, a devoted family man and an active community contributor, encountered a setback when his application for residence under the Family (Partnership) category was declined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) because his wife had not declared him as her partner in her own residence application years prior, despite their genuine and long-standing partnership initiated through a culturally arranged marriage.

The basis of INZ’s decision was rooted in immigration instructions that dictate the potential decline of a Partnership category residence application if the principal applicant (the client’s wife, in this instance) failed to declare an existing partnership. This omission was considered significant because it would have altered the outcome of her residence status, given she would not have qualified as a dependent child in her parent’s residence application.

Navigating Legal Avenues with Expertise and Compassion

Confronted with the threat to their family unity, the client sought the expertise of MK Law. Our legal team, deeply understanding the family’s connection to New Zealand and the severe implications of their situation, crafted a nuanced legal strategy for appeal at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. Our goal extended beyond contesting the decision’s correctness; we aimed to illuminate the exceptional humanitarian circumstances enveloping the case.

Our advocacy emphasized the critical importance of maintaining family unity, ensuring the welfare of the client’s New Zealand citizen children, and recognising his significant contributions to the community. We also highlighted the unreasonable hardship of relocating the family, especially given the specialised care and support systems in place in New Zealand for a child with particular health and educational needs.

The Humanitarian Perspective: A Path to Victory

Although immigration law is typically structured and stringent, it permits the consideration of exceptional circumstances on humanitarian grounds. By presenting a case that meticulously outlined both the legal and human elements of the client’s situation, MK Law advocated for a compassionate review that transcended conventional legal boundaries.

This approach not only showcased our firm’s dedication to legal excellence but also our commitment to understanding and championing the human stories behind each case. It underscored our belief in the sanctity of family unity, the rights of children to stability and care, and the societal value of constructive individuals.

A Landmark Victory: Permanent Residency Grantedappeal success

In a remarkable turn of events, the Immigration Protection Tribunal recognised the merit of our arguments and recommended the case to the Minister of Immigration. The Minister then made the unprecedented decision to grant our client permanent residency—a significant triumph, as this not only secured his place in New Zealand but did so without the usual two-year travel condition associated with normal residency. This exceptional outcome underscores the effectiveness of our legal strategy and the profound impact of compassionate, client-focused advocacy.

MK Law: Your Ally in Immigration Challenges

At MK Law, we grasp the significant implications of immigration issues. Our team melds legal acumen with deep empathy for our client’s circumstances, ensuring every possible avenue is explored to secure a favourable resolution. We stand for justice, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to profoundly impact the lives of those we represent.

If you or someone you know is navigating immigration challenges, reach out to us. With MK Law, you gain not just a legal representative but a committed partner ready to provide expert advice and steadfast support throughout your journey. Allow us to assist you in securing a stable future in New Zealand.