Personal Grievance

Personal Grievance

At MK Law, we specialize in providing expert legal assistance for personal grievance cases under New Zealand’s Employment Relations Act 2000. Our experienced employment law team is committed to guiding both employees and employers through the complexities of personal grievance claims, ensuring fair and just outcomes.

personal grievanceUnderstanding Personal Grievances: Personal grievances arise when employees believe they have been unfairly treated by their employer. This can include unjustifiable dismissal, discrimination, harassment, or other adverse actions. Our role is to help you navigate these challenging situations with professional legal support and advice.

Navigating the 90-Day Limit: A crucial aspect of personal grievances is the 90-day timeframe within which these must be raised. Missing this deadline could forfeit your right to file a claim. We assist in promptly addressing your grievances, ensuring your claim is raised effectively within this critical period.

Raising a Grievance: The process of raising a personal grievance involves clear communication and detailed documentation. Our legal team will guide you in preparing and submitting your grievance, ensuring that all necessary information is included and that your rights are fully represented.

Resolving Grievances: MK Law focuses on achieving resolution through negotiation and mediation. However, if necessary, we are prepared to represent you at the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court. Our aim is to secure the best possible outcome, whether that involves reinstatement, compensation, or other remedies.

Support for Employers: For employers, facing a personal grievance claim can be challenging. We offer expert advice on handling such claims, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and adopting best practices for dispute resolution. Our goal is to help you maintain a fair and lawful workplace environment.

Contact Us for Expert Guidance: If you are dealing with a personal grievance issue, or if you require assistance in understanding your rights and obligations under employment law, we invite you to contact MK Law for a consultation. Our team is ready to provide you with comprehensive and compassionate legal support.

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