Resolution of Potential Deportation Liability

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Understanding the Role of the Resolutions Team in Immigration New Zealand

The Resolutions team in Immigration New Zealand (INZ) plays a crucial role in addressing cases involving potential deportation liabilities. They carefully review each case to determine if actions such as deportation, suspension, or cancellation of liability are warranted, considering various factors including compliance with visa conditions and any criminal convictions.

Deportation Liability: What You Need to Know

Deportation liabilities can arise under several scenarios. Here are some examples, including a reference to section 155 of the Immigration Act 2009:

  1. Conviction Within Two Years of Visa Grant: An individual might face potential deportation if convicted of an offense within two years of receiving their visa, as seen in a case involving a minor drink-driving conviction.

  2. Breach of Visa Conditions: Another example is the unintentional breach of visa conditions due to misunderstandings or miscommunications, such as a religious worker changing employers without realizing the need for a Variation of Condition.

  3. Misrepresentation in Visa Applications: Omitting crucial information in immigration applications, like failing to declare a name change or previous deportations, can lead to deportation liability.

  4. Granting Visa to an ‘Excluded Person’: Under section 155, INZ may grant a resident class visa to an ‘excluded person’ as defined in section 15 of the Immigration Act 2009. This might occur if an individual fails to disclose prior deportations from other countries, leading to potential deportation liability when this information comes to light.

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