Request for Reconsideration

If you’re in New Zealand and your application for a temporary visa has been declined, there’s a chance for you to have this decision reconsidered. Here’s what you need to know and how some of our clients have successfully navigated this process.

Understanding the Rules: You can ask for a reconsideration if:Reconsideration

  • You’re currently in New Zealand.
  • The Minister did not make the original decision to decline your visa.
  • You apply within 14 days of learning about your visa decline.
  • You’re legally in New Zealand when you ask for this reconsideration.

A different immigration officer, or possibly the Minister, will take a fresh look at your application. They’ll use the same rules that were applied the first time, but they’ll also consider any exceptional circumstances. Remember, the decision they make this time is final – there’s no third chance.

What to Include in Your Reconsideration Request: Make sure your request is clear in explaining why you believe your visa should not have been declined. Include any new information or evidence that supports your case, like photographs or documents. Don’t forget the fee and your passport or identity certificate.

Some Success Stories:

  • One of our clients, a tech professional, initially had their visa declined due to a mix-up over job details. We helped them clarify their role and importance to the industry, leading to a successful reconsideration.
  • Another client, a parent with New Zealand-born children, faced a decline due to incomplete family information. We gathered all the necessary documents to prove their family connections, resulting in a positive outcome.
  • A student client faced a decline because of slipping grades during a tough personal time. We showed evidence of their recent academic improvements and the challenges they overcame, leading to an extended visa.

Key Takeaways: Act quickly and be thorough with your application for the best chance of success. If you need guidance or have questions, we’re here to help.

For more information or assistance with your visa reconsideration, please feel free to contact us.