Immigration lawyerWe are excited to announce the newest lawyer of our legal team, Emily Wang. Emily brings with her a wealth of experience, particularly as a licensed immigration adviser—a role she has excelled in for several years. Her extensive tertiary education further complements her practical knowledge. In addition to her recent LLB from Auckland University of Technology, Emily has a Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice and a Master of Business Administration. This comprehensive educational background adds a multidimensional approach to her practice, blending legal expertise with business acumen.

What sets Emily apart, however, is her compassionate and caring nature. She is not just a professional focused on the technicalities; she’s someone who genuinely cares for her clients. Always willing to go the extra mile, Emily’s approach to law is as empathetic as it is skilled. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, she is adept at building strong relationships with a diverse range of clients, facilitated by her excellent communication skills. Her time management and team collaboration abilities further ensure that she integrates seamlessly into any working environment, contributing both expertise and positivity.

We invite you to join us in warmly welcoming Emily Wang. We are enthusiastic about the depth, experience, and compassion she adds to our team, enriching our collective capabilities and client relations.