25 May New Immigration Updates Open Opportunities in New Zealand

Green List Updated New Zealand is extending an invitation to skilled professionals from around the world. Recent updates to Immigration New Zealand's instructions and the Green List reveal an array of opportunities, particularly in the transport, health, business, dental, nursing, medical, construction, education and trade sectors....

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18 May Exciting Updates to New Zealand’s Immigration Policies

Dear Friends, we are delighted to share some important updates about New Zealand's immigration policies in April 2023. Significant changes have been implemented that present exciting opportunities for professionals in various sectors. Here are the key highlights:Expansion of the Green List The Green List, identifying occupations...

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17 May Changes in New Zealand Immigration Policy: Implications for Partners of Migrant Workers

Greetings, all. Today we are dissecting recent changes to New Zealand's immigration policy, specifically the new work conditions for partners of migrant workers, which become effective from May 31, 2023. These changes carry significant implications for both migrants and their partners. The principal changes include: Partners are...

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