Unfair Dismissal NZ

The Grounds for Unjustifiable or Unfair Dismissal NZ

An employee working in New Zealand may raise a personal grievance against their former employer in terms of section 103(1)(a) of the Employment Relations Act 2000, on the grounds of unjustifiable disadvantage or unfair dismissal in NZ if they can show evidence that the employer did not have good reason to dismiss them and that the process followed was unfair. Our legal services are here for you to handle your grievance confidently. With our knowledgeable experience, we aim to achieve an effective solution.

Resolutions for Unfair or Unjustifiable Dismissals in New Zealand

Employees working in NZ who might have raised a personal grievance claim on the grounds of unjustifiable dismissal against their employer should try to reach an amicable solution. See below for the options we advise to bring about a cost-effective and timeous resolution.

  • Settle between the parties privately. It’s best practice to try and resolve such grievances privately first. We offer our highly skilled legal services to help resolve these employment issues to minimise business disruption and costs.
  • Aim for mediation. If the private resolution fails, the next step should be mediation. Should parties settle, the mediator will sign an agreement that will become final and binding on both employer and employee. We will help make sure you understand the mediation process and the possible outcomes.
  • Pursuing a claim through Employment Relations Authority (ERA) and Employment Court. If mediation fails, the subsequent step is to approach the ERA for a resolution. We can help you with your ERA claim and represent you should the matter proceed to the employment court.