Skilled Migrant Resident Category

The Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa evaluates applicants based on their skills in specific areas:

Income Level:

Points are awarded based on the applicant’s salary relative to the median wage in New Zealand. Different point tiers are available for incomes at 1.5 times, 2 times, or 3 times the median wage.


Points are granted for recognized qualifications at various levels in the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctoral degrees.

New Zealand Registration:

For professions requiring local registration, points are awarded for holding the necessary New Zealand registration, license, or certification.

Substantial Match Assessment:

An immigration officer evaluates if the applicant’s employment or job offer aligns closely with the ANZSCO occupation description. This includes checking if the core tasks and overall job responsibilities match the ANZSCO descriptions at various levels.

Genuine Employment Check:

The authenticity of the employment offer is verified, ensuring it is not the result of any improper payment and that the remuneration is at par with market rates for similar roles in New Zealand.

skilled workerSuitably Qualified Criteria: Applicants must demonstrate that their qualifications or relevant work experience match the requirements of the offered role. This includes assessing if the qualification or experience is directly applicable to the employment and meets the indicative skill level described in the ANZSCO.

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