Employment Law

In New Zealand, your minimum employment rights are legally protected by law whether or not they are specified in your employment agreement. Examples are the minimum wage, holidays and leave entitlements. There are many other provisions that are simply matters for negotiation between you and your employer. For instance, hours of work, remuneration and redundancy provisions.

Talk to us if you have been unfairly dismissed or disadvantaged at work. If you believe your employer has victimised you against your minimum employment rights or your employment agreement, we can help you pursue your claim with the Employment Relations Authority without compromising your immigration status in New Zealand.

There is a strong policy against migrant exploitation in New Zealand. An employer who holds a resident Visa may be liable for deportation if he or she is found to have employed migrant workers to work in breach of the minimum employment rights.

On the other end of the spectrum, we could also help employers resolve any employment issues at work to minimise business disruption and costs. Most employment disputes settle amongst the parties privately or through mediation which is often cost-effective and timely resolution. If you believe your business has been undermined by your employee, we could help you pursue your claim through the Employment Relations Authority and employment court if required.