What is the Job Check Process?

27 Feb What is the Job Check Process?

The Job Check Process is the second stage of the Accredited Employer Work Visa, which requires certain criteria to be met for proposed employment to be considered acceptable. These criteria are summarised below:

  1. The employer must be an accredited direct employer for the proposed employment.
  2. The remuneration for the employment must meet or exceed the median wage unless the occupation is exempt from this requirement, in which case it must meet the requirements for that occupation.
  3. The employment must be full-time for at least 30 guaranteed hours per week and must not involve the employer passing any costs or fees to the employee.
  4. The terms and conditions specified for the employment must be at least as favourable as those in the New Zealand market for that occupation, including the rate of pay and notice periods.
  5. Payment must be by wages or salary, with the pay period not exceeding one month.
  6. The proposed employment must be for a single accredited employer, except for certain exceptions related to Resident Medical Officer jobs.
  7. The proposed employment must comply with relevant New Zealand employment laws and be genuine.
  8. If travel or changing locations is part of the employment, the terms and conditions of that travel or change of location must be set out in the proposed employment agreement and must not disadvantage the employee.
  9. The proposed employment must not be for self-employment or for planting, maintaining, harvesting, or packing crops in the horticulture or viticulture industries or for foreign crew of fishing vessels.

Overall, the proposed employment must meet specific requirements for accreditation, remuneration, terms and conditions, payment, and compliance with New Zealand employment laws, as well as not involve any costs or fees being passed on to the employee and must be genuine. If travel or changing locations is involved, the terms and conditions must not disadvantage the employee.

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