Cheri-Rose graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a BA: Criminology in 2018 and an LLB in 2019. Cheri-Rose has always been an avid solo traveller, and during her studies, was fortunate enough to explore 30 countries.

While studying, she interned in Malaysia at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, where she made the decision to enrol in the Master of Human Rights programme at AUT.

Back in New Zealand, Cheri-Rose graduated her Master of Human Rights with Second Class, First Division Honours and began work in community services, advocating for consumers of Health and Disability Services.

Cheri-Rose made the decision to follow her passion for supporting people in the legal field and joined MK Law in 2021. Cheri-Rose has always been passionate about supporting people and has volunteered both with children with disabilities, and YouthLaw.

She understands that in their time of need, each client has a story to share, and solve. She endeavours to ensure the highest standard of work while maintaining a friendly rapport.

As a self-proclaimed “greenie”, Cheri-Rose revels in Aotearoa’s nature, enjoying hiking and camping. In her spare time, you can find Cheri-Rose at the yoga studio, playing tennis, or training for her first half marathon.